Nic Koray


 German-Turkish singer and composer Nic Koray has supported headline acts such as The Cranberries, Ezio, Flowerpornoes, Tom Liwa and Maria Solheim.




Your finest Drops: Your Finest Drops (1997)

Nic Koray: Traveller (2010)

Nic Koray: Intertwine (2017)

Nic Koray: Pearl Diver (2018)

Monocular: Somewhere on the line (2009)

Monocular: Pinetrees (2012)

Monocular: Freak (2017)




Nic Koray is on tour again in 2023.

With her guitar, her suitcase full of songs, and two new albums. She plays throughout Germany, in different formations (solo, duo, trio, band). She gives inspiring and intensive concerts on big and small stages, at festivals, in pubs - or in living rooms.


From early childhood the German-Turkish singer and composer lived on the intense and idyllic setting of her father’s ship in the Mediterranean, and grew up surrounded by goats, dolphins, and the English language. Perhaps that’s why she writes of her own experiences, visions, and everyday curiosities in musical scenarios and stories, and why she sings of the big and small wonders of life, and our responsibility to them.


At times her songs float like images in front of her audiences eyes and ears and transport them between the lines and into the depths of their own hearts, to the place where the significant stories of life live.


She´s a Traveller and collector of treasures from the roadsides of life.


Nic Koray, former front woman of the legendary Ruhr-area band Your Finest Drops, and voice and lyricist of the Electronic-Projekt Monocular, lives in nature with her dog, her Flock of sheep, various other animals - and her favourite human beings.

As well as her music, Nic also creates children’s books, poems, and illustrations, which, like her songs tell of the grand meaning in tiny things and the wonder of being alive in the present moment.


The musical collaborators change according to events, projects, and locations.

Nic Koray: Vocals, guitar, Songwriting, Lyrics

Mirko Adden: Piano, Tuba, Bodrhan, Glockenspiel,

Keybord, Arrangement, Recording, Mixing

Dirk Hengesbach: E-guitar, Cello

David Senf: Bass

Joel Dahlhoff: Drums, Percussion

Jan Koray: guitar, Recording, Mixing "Intertwine"



Band Members

Mirko Adden:

Drums, Piano, Bodrhan, Glockenspiel, Tuba, Arrengements, Recording, Mixing

Producer and longtime musical partner accompanies Nic Koray at duo, trio and band concerts with Piano, Tuba, Percussion or Drums and supported her with his energy and imaginative ideas throughout the recording of the Debut Album TRAVELLER (2010)

and the newest Album PEARL DIVER (2018).

In his studio he arranges, records and mixes with passion and endurance.

Dirk Hengesbach:

E-guitar, acoustic guitar, Tin-Whistle, Cello

Dirk Hengesbach supports the songs with a lot of love and enthusiasm on electric guitar and cello and develops unmistakably beautiful lines.

Jan Koray:

Acoustic guitar, Rhodes, piano

Recording, Mixing, Mastering "Intertwine"

Multitalented on different instruments, composer for Monocular and sound engineer in his own studio, duo partner and producer for the album „Intertwine“(2017).

David Senf:

Bass and photographic eye of the band

Not only does he support the live concerts with his groovy and passionate bass playing, he also makes wonderful photos and videos appear as if by magic!


Joel Dahlhoff: Drums

Drummer of the Live-Band, with energy and heart.

Musical cast:



Nic Koray- guitar, vocals


Duo (2 guitars, vocals):

Jan Koray- guitar

Nic Koray- guitar, vocals


Duo (Piano, guitar, vocals):

Mirko Adden- Piano, Percussion

Nic Koray, guitar, vocals


Trio (Piano, Tuba, e-guitar, Cello, guitar, vocals):

Dirk Hengesbach- e-guitar, Cello

Mirko Adden- Piano, Tuba

Nic Koray- vocals, guitar



Nic Koray- vocals, guitar

Mirko Adden- Piano, Tuba, Bodrhan

Dirk Hengesbach- E-guitar, Cello

David Senf: Bass

Joel Dahlhoff: Drums, Glockenspiel, Percussion



Other passing and returning musicians are:


Double bass player Victoria Schier,

Drummer Andreas Düsener,

Cello player Katrin Gelvink,

guitarist Martin Schroer,

Guitarist Andreas Wildenhain,

Bass player Andreas Reinhard,

Bass player Jörg Regner


Thanks to you all!