March 2023

SoRry, I have not been writing for a couple of Years! I am really sorry, I just continiued with the German version of my diary and missed you, folks! Forgive me!

I cannot rewind

but I want to let you now, that we are about to finish Recording the Vocals for the EP DANDELION which will consist of five lovely songs, they mean so much to me:

The Shepherdess


Father I wonder

The Gift

Ocean tears

Mainly played with guitar and piano they are simple

but DEep as the ocean.

they will be published on all streaming platforms!


please keep in touch and Follow on Instagram  and Fcaebook!











February 2019

This is, what I ´ll be doing in the next couple of weeks:

Playing Loads of Gigs, Rehearsing and writing new songs, arranging them and recording two of them

--"The Gift" -- "father I wonder"--at the studio in April.

I´d love to publish them immediately, probably a new video, too.

I am very much looking forward to playing some very special gigs

like the Earth Hour Gig at Pauluskirche Dortmund on the 30th of March

focussing on the care for the planet.

it´s going to be a very musical year!



December 2018

A year full of music and plenty of great gigs draws to an end.

I’m looking forward to the musical journey into 2019, to many special concerts and to you!

Another new Trio-Acoustic -Album including the songs The Shepherdess, To my Child, The Gift and many more is in the making.


September 2018

In September 2018 we created the brand new album „Pearl Diver“, recorded with the full band,

and will play the release concert in the wonderful pub Hafenschänke Subrosa.

It is a decisive album, which gives space to wonder and submerge yourself. It often surprises the listener with its curious and intriguing twists and turns. The combination of power and fragility gets under the skin and provides a multilayered audio-pleasure between melancholy and ecstasy!



August 2018

Nic Koray tours Germany throughout the year with her new Album "Intertwine".

You can listen to the new songs in many great locations and in various musical combinations.

Next to piano, guitars, percussion and vocals the trio also lately include cello and tuba.

We’re also hard at work rehearsing with the whole band for our release gig of the new album “PEARL DIVER”, which will take place on the 15.09.2018 in the Subrosa in Dortmund.

Don’t miss it! A pearl of Nic’s publications!



October 2017

21.10.2017 - regarding the new Album INTERTWINE (Release 21.10.2017)

“All is interconnected....”

In comparison to the debut album "Traveller" (2010), which was recorded with full band, and focuses on life’s journey in time and space, “Intertwine” is a a close-up, intense, musically rather pure solo arrangement: main melodies are carried by acoustic guitar and vocals, while ukulele, glockenspiel, Rhodes, piano or flute give support. The 11 songs, like delicate rays and sparks, lend musical expression to the underlying topic of interconnectedness.

The human being’s inseparable linked to everything - and the gift and responsibility that realisation offers - is the essential premise behind this album. This is a delicate, direct, and through provoking album, offering ancient wisdoms and fresh insights for modern times.

The new album “Intertwine” is available now. You can order it via mail or download it from Bandcamp and iTunes.



October 2017

From 21. October you can order or download the new Soloalbum "Intertwine" via Bandcamp.



September 2017

From today you can find new songs from the solo acoustic album “Intertwine " in the music player-

Carolina´s Tree 2017, The Gardener 2017, Gained and Gone 2017.





August 2017

This time songwriting, mixing, and gigs are walking hand in hand. Two albums are being worked on simultaneously: the solo acoustic album “Intertwine”, available from October 17, and the new band album “Pearl diver”, available from September 2018.